Agustin Fernandez Jeansalle



My name is Agustin Jeansalle and I am an Art Director born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I currently live and I have graduated from the Buenos Aires University (UBA) in Graphic Design.

My entire career has been dedicated mostly to Digital and Identity Design and I am also passionate about Illustration and Street Art.

I combine these different disciplines through the projects I work to enrich my professional experience and I aim to have the art and design world present in each delivery.

I’ve worked for numerous brands such as
Google, L’Oréal, Nike, Samsung, Netflix, Whole Foods, Pepsi, Gatorade, Quilmes, Falabella,
Johnson & Johnson, Kimberley Clark,
Rexona, Skip, Thinkstock, Tecnopolis among others.

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Exhibition · Illustration · Street Art

Connecting Art BA

Project to design murals throughout different parts of the country by different groups of artists. My participation was in Palermo (Buenos Aires) along with Andrés Agosin (aka Monk) and Martín Rizzo (BBR).

Connecting Art BA

Participación en el evento ConnectingArt BA, que reunía a diferentes artistas de una misma ciudad para trabajar en un mural en conjunto, recorriendo diferentes ciudades. Mi participación fue en el barrio de Palermo (Ciudad de Buenos Aires) junto a los artistas Andrés Agosin (aka Monk) y Martín Rizzo (BBR).


Exhibition · Illustration · Street Art